Our Story

Family is our signature.

We are HS Inc.

50 years ago, Harold Steele founded a manufacturing company that ran on hard work and hard-won expertise in injection mold design and production. Today, HS Inc. has earned our reputation for far more.

With a focus in multiple kinds of molding as well as a comprehensive approach to automation, we’ve built our name on strength, quality and consistency. We take on projects with high precision and high production, because people know we can handle end-to-end manufacturing while staying on time and on budget.

Customers who work with our team discover we build each project on relationships. We’re proud to serve our customers as collaborators. That means we take the time to explore the tool or automation line that will work best for your team. Throughout the decades we’ve garnered the trust of national icons and innovators in the automotive, defense, aerospace and consumer markets.

Here, you’ll find we treat our team with the same level of respect we give our customers. From our early beginnings, Harold Steele said people represented HS Inc.’s greatest asset. And he knew listening to the expertise of every voice always made us better.

That was the vision of Harold Steele, and it’s the heart of HS Inc.

We invest in our team and technology in ways that keep HS at the forefront of our industry. If you believe in hard work, honest business and speaking up, then we would like to find a spot for you as a part of our team. Learn more about our team.